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Author Topic: How to open the case of a Slate 7 3400US ?  (Read 2822 times)


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How to open the case of a Slate 7 3400US ?
« on: December 05, 2014, 10:29:05 PM »
I have a HP Slate HD 3400US and would like to open the back to change the battery.
There are actually several different models of the Slate 7,
and there are some YouTube videos showing disassembly,
but they are NOT of the 3400US but a different model of Slate 7.

The 3400US has no screws on the outside, and the back fits perfectly
onto the rest of the tablet, so there are no openings or cracks
where I can stick a small screwdriver in.

I don't want to randomly pry into it because that would leave nicks
on the edge of the case, and I might end up inadvertently breaking it.

There must be some hidden tab somewhere that would release the back.
Does anyone know how to get inside of it?

Thanks for any help.


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