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Author Topic: Basic Apps Requirement  (Read 1483 times)


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Basic Apps Requirement
« on: November 04, 2013, 05:58:29 AM »
hello. i just purchased online last night the 8gb variant. i spent the whole day reviewing a lot of brands and specs and with the buck capacity i have. and so far based on the features, the Slate 7 serves my simplistic needs. I'm expecting to get my package within the week and very anxious to test it.

i primarily would need this for work when I'm mobile. basically to check my webmails. i've ubgot two gmail accounts and two yahoomail accounts that i regularly check. i also need viber, skype, imo.im, yahoo messenger and whatsapp. are these apps gonna work just fine in the Slate 7?

Other than that, I rarely go to youtube. don't even play games or watch vids. aside from what i mentioned above, i just need to web browse on certain stuff...business, news and sports.
one primary reason also for choosing this is that it has front and rear cameras.

my only concern is it has no GPS. So it means when you're on Facebook you canot use the "check-in" function?

also, on the wifi, at home there are 4 machines sharing the wifi router and 2 android phones. if the slate 7 shares with the load, will it be slowed down?



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