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Slate 7 (original) Help And Discussion / GPS for the Slate 7?
« on: July 05, 2013, 03:33:30 PM »
Hey everyone,

One of the major missing features for the Slate 7 is a GPS sensor.  The other sensors are a "don't care" for me, but the size of the Slate 7 makes it an attractive navigation device (to me).

Many of us already carry around a perfectly good GPS receiver in our phones.  I use a Galaxy S3 personally, and frequently tether my tablets to my phone when out of the office / away from home.  As I see it, there are three useful solutions:

TetherGPS ($3 on the Android market, with a free version to test out - only need to pay for one license, usable on all Android devices on your account) fixes this nicely for me.  When I enable tethering on my phone, I now tap an additional button to start the TetherGPS server widget.  On the tablet, I tap the TetherGPS client widget.  And done!  My Slate 7 now has access to a perfectly functional GPS - I have tested with Google Maps / Google Navigation and it works just as well as the integrated GPS on my other devices.

FakeGPS (free on the Android market) lets you select where on the map you want to report your position.  You can manually select home, work, Upper Sandusky Idaho, or wherever you like.  When an app requests your location, it gets the coordinates you selected.  This is a longtime fix for those of us running Android on our HP Touchpads, and works great on my Slate 7.

gps2ip (iPhone sender) & socketGPS (Android receiver) - I have not personally tested this solution, as I don't currently use an iPhone, but this appears to be an equivalent solution to provide real-time GPS location abilities to your Slate 7.

NOTE: All of these solutions require "Settings / Developer options / Allow mock locations" to be enabled for them to function.

New Member Introductions / New member introduction
« on: July 05, 2013, 03:21:14 PM »

I'm Michael - rcmikey is me.  I just recently got a Slate 7 to use primarily at work as a supplemental device while away from my desk.

I am a technology enthusiast by nature - my Slate 7 will join my Samsung Galaxy S3, Asus Transformer TF300T and HP Touchpads (used by my wife and son).

I am really hoping this forum will grow as the Slate 7 gains momentum and popularity.

Full disclosure: I am also an HP employee, although I am in no way involved with the group that produced the Slate 7.

- Michael

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