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Slate 7 Root, Mod, Hack and Development / Hard Bricked Slate 7 2800
« on: January 11, 2015, 08:16:58 AM »
Recently found a development team that specialises in developing mods for RockChip RK3066 devices and thought, knowing the Slate 7 is one of these devices, I could use the same mods. Booted my tablet into download mode, used the flashing tool with a port of CM10 and when it booted the screen was covered in some sort of grey graphical burn. Tablet is not totally recognised by PC. Cant boot to recovery (stock or CWM) not too sure what to do. Sometimes I can get it to go back to the download mode and I have tried reflashing the software but that does not work. The team do not develop roms or recoverys specifically for the 2800 so I feel I have hard bricked it.
TLDR: Hard bricked HP Slate 2800 with the RKandroidtool
Can anybody tell me how to unbrick this?

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