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Author Topic: The Slate 7 Tablet Gets Reviewed By PCMag, PCWorld and LaptopMag  (Read 3710 times)


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Perhaps it is coincidence or perhaps HP decided to send out samples of the HP Slate 7 Tablet to leading technology magazines at the same time, but whatever the case we've got three major tech mags all publishing their reviews of the Slate 7 within a couple of days.  The verdict?  Well interestingly they all seem to have a similar opinion of the Slate 7.  In a nuthshell the consensus seems to be that the Slate 7 has an admirable build quality and good feature set for the price but that the screen resolution and battery life are a bit lacking. 

Now whether these weaknesses are a deal breaker for you or not really depends on how much value you put in the strong points of the Slate 7.  The HP ePrint software is certainly handy and the MicroSD slot makes expanding memory very easy and affordable.  Also, coming from a big name manufacturer such as HP, customers will certainly like the guarantee that comes with the tablet.  The  1024 x 600 resolution screen does have a lower resolution than some competing tablets such as the Nexus 7 and new Sero 7, but on the flipside, some of the reviews point out that the wide viewing angles are nice.   Another strong point was the solid and high quality finish with reviewers generally liking the soft grip black or red paint on the back.  In the end, the Slate 7 costs about $30 less than the well received Nexus 7 but $20 more than the new off label Sero 7.  It'll be for the consumer to decide if the strengths outweigh the weaknesses of the HP Slate 7 Tablet.  Yo ucan read the full reviews at the links below.

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